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This page was last updated: 5/13/2011

ENA Foundation

by Colorado ENA Members on 02/23/11

The 2011 State Challenge has begun! As past president and now as now the ENAF board of trustees I am asking that you seriously consider donating on behalf of our great state.

It was once said that we ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. I see the 2011 ENA Foundation as an example of the big ocean where every little drop is a donation and that drop makes a BIG difference to the recipient. I see it as a legacy by helping to build our future nurses.

This is our biggest and most important fundraising event and our goal is $100,000 for the nation. In 2010 we donated $2,205.00 and 2009 we donated $1,175. I believe that in 2011 we can blow these past fabulous figures out of the water.
Please help me by donating today at http://www.ena.org/foundation/contribution/Pages/Default.aspx

The mission of the ENA Foundation is to provide educational scholarships and research grants in the discipline of emergency nursing this in turn improves the quality of care we deliver “stretcher side”. 
ENAF is invaluable for nurses today and tomorrow; it can only succeed with firm commitments from you and our magnificent Coloradoan state.

Seleem Choudhury RN, MA, MBA, CEN

Associate Chief Nursing Officer
Critical Care and Emergency Services
(P) 303 602 2942
(F) 303 602 2932
(E) seleem.choudhury@dhha.org

Comments (2)

1. Anon said on 4/3/11 - 09:40AM
I was just a recipient of the foundation and it really helped me out! Thank you ENAF
2. Sara said on 5/10/11 - 12:24PM
Will you be running again for president next year?

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